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Module 1A

1A - Support Documents

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Module 1A – Management Functions PDF 1.86MB

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ICS Class Rules-Chapter 1-Classification PDF 0.6MB
ICS-General Regulations for the Supervision PDF 0.8MB

Instructions before to start the exam:
  • Complete all the reading and visual material above provided;
  • All questions in the exam are to be attempted (no empty question shall be left behind).
  • The access to the Module 1A and all support document is allowed (open-book examination).
  • Select one letter only: a), b), c), d) or e) on the examination paper which is supplied to indicate which you judge to be the correct answer.
  • Only one (1) answer is correct.
  • Minimum score: 70% of correct answers.
Once all these instructions are understood; you may continue on the right side of the screen and press the buttom "Start the Exam".
Final Exam