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MODULE 2J: Radio


The participant who has completed the module will be able to understand:

  1. radiotelephony;
  2. radiotelegraphy; and
  3. GMDSS


The assessment methods will be to choose the best answer from a selection of alternatives.

In the method of objective evaluation, only be accepted one correct answer is valid, and never more than one selection within the same question since they will be automatically considered incorrect.  The participants approve the course with a score equal to or greater than 70% of the total value of the assessment. All evaluations will be based on a Total Score of 100.

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Exam Questions

1. Chapter IV - Radiocommunications of SOLAS Convention is applicable to:

2. The Definitions to ´Sea Area´ include:

3. Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) identities means maritime mobile services identity, the ship's call sign, Inmarsat identities and serial number identity which may be transmitted by the ship's equipment and used to identify the ship.

4. Every radio installation shall:

5. There shall be available at all times, while the ship is at sea, a supply of electrical energy sufficient to operate the radio installations and to charge any batteries used as part of a reserve source of energy for the radio installations.

6. Satellite EPIRBs shall be annually tested for all aspects of operational efficiency, with special emphasis on checking the emission on operational frequencies, coding and registration, at intervals as specified below:

7. A record shall be kept, to the satisfaction of the Administration and as required by the Radio Regulations, of all incidents connected with the radiocommunication service which appear to be of importance to safety of life at sea.

8. The radio installations of cargo ships shall be subject to the surveys specified below:

9. A certificate called a Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate shall be issued after an initial or renewal survey to a cargo ship which complies with the relevant requirements of chapter IV of SOLAS Convention.

10. The Recognized Organization (RO) shall perform statutory certification and services by the use of only exclusive surveyors and auditors but the RO may subcontract radio surveys to non-exclusive surveyors in accordance with section 5.9, Part 2 of the RO Code.