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MODULE 2I-NLS Pollution Prevention

Exam Questions

2. For the purpose of the regulations of Annex II of MARPOL 73/78, Noxious Liquid Substances shall be divided into four categories as follows:

3. Ships carrying Noxious Liquid Substances in bulk shall be subject to the surveys specified below:

7. Every ship of 150 gross tonnage and above certified to carry Noxious Liquid Substances in bulk shall carry on board a shipboard marine pollution emergency plan for Noxious Liquid Substances approved by the Administration. Such a plan shall be written in a working language or languages understood by the master and officers. The plan shall consist at least of:

8. The Government of each Party to the Convention undertakes to ensure the provision of reception facilities according to the needs of ships using its ports, terminals or repair ports as follows:

12. Solidifying Substance means a noxious liquid substance which: